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Get your web site stats from the log files

A company's web server logs are one of the most important and often-neglected sources of information at their disposal. Without a detailed and careful analysis of this data, a company will be more or less blind and oblivious both to threats and opportunities.

Log2Stats, which is available at www.log2stats.com, is a powerful and feature-rich log analyzer for Apache, IIS, W3C and other log files, which generates advanced website statistics. These stats can help you track advertizing, monitor search engine traffic, discover trends and patterns, find cracks and hacks for your software, identify your gold referrers, know your browsers and much more.

Accurate stats from web log files

With Log2Stats it's easy to get all the important web traffic statistics for your site. It will help you to download and compress your log files and create an optimized database filled with detailed stats about your web site. These stats include:

  • Quantity stats: the number of visitors, viewed pages, images, downloaded files and how or when it changes with time, their trends and patterns
  • Referrals stats: whoís sending you the visitors and who isnít, what do these visitors do when they arrive, trends and a comparison of behavioral patterns
  • Time stats: more time is more opportunities. Find out how long are visitors spending on each of your site pages, are they spending enough time on the important content, are they reading what you want them to read?
  • Links: which links are actually being clicked on and which arenít, on which pages, where are they located?

The program doesnít require modifying your web site. However it can generate additional stats like screen resolution or visitor identifiers from the same log files if you include a small java script into your pages.

All stats can be filtered and highlighted

Log2Stats provides you with all the necessary tools to work with stats in the database. There are many predefined reports which you can filter by many parameters. In addition you can create unlimited number of custom reports based on standard ones which are called favorite reports. Favorite reports can show traffic stats for several date ranges, show only necessary columns and highlight or hide cells or rows based on values. Each favorite report and each date range can be filtered by any number of parameters like visitorsí country, referral, entry page and so on. Also you can apply filters to a set of reports.

Try it for free

It's important to know which Search Engine, pay-per-click ads or partner website is constantly bringing you visitors to your web site, which advertizing campaign has the highest percentage of productivity. The website performance monitoring enables you to study visitor behavior on your website, identifying problem areas that might be causing visitors to leave. The accurate website stats report on visitor behavior will show you which referral campaign you should cancel and on which you should focus your attention.

The comprehensive web log analysis will help you to make the right decisions on how to attract more visitors to your website and convert these visitors to satisfied customers. Download a free trial of Log2Stats, a complete solution to your log analytics needs, at www.log2stats.com and experience all the advantages of our program.



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